About Us

This is probably not a traditional “About Us” page, but I prefer to be anonymous.   For those looking to get a handle on me, just refer to me as “Mommy H.”

The reason for my anonymity is quite simple:  I critique diet fads and MANY are not pleased with my criticism.  I always have tried to be fair and present both sides of the “health and weight” paradigm, but I always seem to manage to offend someone.  To maintain my mental equilibrium, I have decided to pull the cover over my true identity.

Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits

Personally, I prefer a diet that reflects a healthy lifestyle to one that goes to extremes to shed a few pounds.  In my opinion, eating healthy foods in season and avoiding factory-processed foods is the way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Fad diets are stressful and – for those most part – will not bring about any sense of well being or permanent weight loss.

In any event, I have felt that it would be useful to let “fad diet” specialists let them give you their sales pitch.  After all, it is your body.

This website has been developed as an ongoing resource to help those who want to seriously tackle health and weight at the same time.  Whether it works for you is up to you.