Prominent Fad Diets

Found below are a series of well-advertised and promoted diets that I consider to be fad diets.  In general, these diets tend to have one or more features that suggest that claims to their long-term benefits suspect.  More to the point, they can negatively affect your health:

health fads

Beware of Any Diet that Has These Features

  • Calls for the elimination of any natural food component for an extended period of time;
  • Promotes “shakes” or supplements;
  • Maintains an affiliate program which encourages “fake” reviews and unverifiable claims;
  • Insists on regular home deliveries;
  • Encourages support groups.

Prominent Fad Diets

Found below are links to a few prominent “Fad Diets” from Top 10 Overweight Loss Plans that contain one or more of the features listed above:


South Beach Diet

Jenny Craig

Mayo Clinic

Bistro MD


Trimdown Club

Green Blender