Why I Said No to Fad Diets and Embraced the Mediterranean Lifestyle

As a mother of three – two of whom have now left home – I have tried most every diet available to manage my weight.  Frustrated that I was unable to stick to any regimented diet for long, I finally decided to adopt a lifestyle that featured healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Some two years into this mind-shift that allowed me to forget about diets, I am pleased to report that I feel far younger (no, I am not a silly teenager) and have managed to keep my weight in check for almost two years.

Healthy Lifestyle

Counting calories, avoiding certain foods (that I actually enjoyed) and bouncing from one diet to another was not something for me.  I finally decided to do some research on what was truly important to staying healthy and feeling good about yourself.

After much research, I decided that the Mediterranean diet seemed far more suited to my lifestyle.  There is plenty of anecdotal and clinical evidence to suggest that people living in Mediterranean countries lead healthier lives.  But, more importantly, you really don’t need a cookbook to following the simple common sense advice of adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle.

I remember that one noted doctor claimed that ALL diets work for a while, because “one is conscious of what they are eating.”

Everyday, you are bombarded by “before and after” photos touting the health benefits of one diet or another.  When I see these attractive and seductive images, my only thought is how long it will take for the “After Me” to regain the weight and again look like the “Before Me!”

Aside from the stress of achieving the perfect weight and body shape, images of beautiful healthy people give me a guilt complex and make me feel inferior.

Life is hard enough without the additional stress of dieting.  For this reason, I decided donate my library of Fad Diets and Fad Recipe books to our recycling center.   I now feel a lot more comfortable in my own body (and mind) by adopting the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Simple Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet

For those who want to explore the science of the Mediterranean diet, there are plenty of resources on the internet.  Nevertheless, these simple guidelines should help in planning your day:

  • Eat fresh seasonal produced – particularly, vegetables and fruits – in season.
  • Avoid factory-processed foods.
  • Reduce carbohydrate consumption, particularly simple carbs like sugar and sodas.
  • Use olive oil rather than butter when cooking.
  • Snack when hungry, but use nuts rather than chips.
  • Eat sensibly – most adults can easily share a meal for one at most restaurants.

vegetables mediterranean lifestyle

What You Should Know About Fast Food Diets

Let’s face it, few of us will look like the beautiful bodies that adorn health and diet magazines.  Nevertheless, guilt is a powerful motivator to make people take action.  In fact, some people believe that you can actually achieve the lifestyle of the rich and famous by shedding those few extra pounds and toning up the body.

Fad diets seem to offer the key to the Magic Kingdom of health and wellness.  Sadly this is not the case.

While I discuss fad diets in more detail on another page in this website, one should be aware that fad diets generally designed to trick the digestive system.  I am well aware that many of these diets have prominent medical health claims, but if you believe them there is a famous bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  More to the point, if you decide to revert to form by eating naturally, will those unwelcome pounds reappear?

For those who want to experiment, I have provided links to some of the more prominent Fad Diets to allow them to explain what they do and how they can help you shed those unwanted pounds.